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Pasadena Parents stand in support for“The Dream Act”

Pasadena Parents stand in support for“The Dream Act”

Parents from Pasadena took a trip to Santa Monica in support of a group of university students performing a hunger strike in front of California’s senator Dianne Feinstein’s

By Isabel Ramirez, The Pasadenan July, 2010

The hunger strike, planned to stay as long as necessary, is being used as a method to ask the senator to champion the legislation bill by moving it out of the
Judiciary Committee.

“The Dream act” will grant qualified undocumented youth a 6 year path to citizenship requiring the completion of a college degree or two years of military service,
along with other requirements.

Connie de la Torre, an employee of the Pasadena Unified School District for more than fifteen years, went in support of the participating students because she feels
the necessity of “The Dream Act” and how it would help many students inside the
Pasadena Unified School District. She believes that if the legislation passes,
it would benefit not only the students in need but Pasadena as a community as
well. “They deserve their legal status to be modified because these students
were brought here since an early age and were not aware of the legal situation
they were being brought into. I have seen them grow into educated and cultured
young adults where they become integrated into their American communities”

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