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Fire Department Prepares for Fourth

Although, this year, fire crews sprayed a slightly different type of fire retardant around the Rose Bowl Wednesday in preparation of this year’s Americafest on July 4, Sierra Madre Fire Marshal Richard Snyder said the outcome is all the same, safety.
Snyder has for years overseen the yearly spraying of 14,000 gallons of Phos-Chek, a substance of phosphate and fertilizer around the Arroyo Seco which includes the edges of Rose Bowl parking area.
“The other one was fine,” he said about the new retardant which is all liquid verses a dry/liquid mix. “This one has a lot less phosphates in it, it’s just as effective. This one is a little harder to prepare, you have to be exact. We have certain window [of salt content] where it won’t work if it’s too low or you’ll waste it if it’s too high.”
The PHOS-CHeK LC-95 now qualifies by the USDA Forest Service he said adding that it is better for the environment. “
The Snyder said because the product is new, the cost is double. He said he was not sure of the exact price.
Fire crews each year also spay Phos-Chek along a dozen or so undisclosed foothill communities. Snyder said they keep the areas secret to prevent arson.
Fire Chief Calvin Wells also reminded event goers that the sale and possession of all fireworks is illegal in Pasadena, violators are subject to arrest, the confiscation and impound of their vehicles, and, if convicted, up to one year in jail and fines up to $50,000 he said.
Fire Department Spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said there will be checkpoints going into the Rose Bowl area. She said all confiscated fireworks are kept in a safety locker and the dispose of by the State Fire Marshal.
“They will not let us keep any of it.” She said. “Not even as samples.”

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