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Chihuahuita School, a Latino legacy for the new generations

In the early twentieth century were founded two schools for the purpose of
educating Mexico-American or immigrant children, Junipero
Serra from southern part of Pasadena and The Chihuahita School in the east.

At the North of Foothill Boulevard and west of Sierra Madre Villa Avenue, the
predominant population was of Mexican origin, a large number migrated
from Chihuahua State, to help at works in building the city, so this area
was better known as Chihuahita Barrio
In 1915 was built in what is now the Community Education Center, a school
that would give education to children exclusively of Mexican origin,
Titleyville School, but in 1916 its name was changed to Chihuahita School best known for
being call that way,
in 1923 its name was changed again by the Fremont School, after
administrative changes will start the construction of an educational
institution for adults, resulting in the inauguration of the Community
Education Center, part of PCC.

Chuihuahuita School is part of the history of Latinos in the life of Pasadena, a
story which is hard to find for not being properly
documented, very little has been writen about as the book of Roberta Hernandez,
"Latinos in Pasadena" that speak of the
community contributions and their integration into Pasadena society, other source is t
to people who lived this stage of history
, they tell us how life among
picturesque, hard work and struggle was, in times where Hispanics were
denied to purchase their homes
areas of the city, require to reside in a specific area and go to
determined school, stories like Mrs. Salgado who recalls
have talked with one of her teachers about her volleyball skills and her
dreams of becoming a physical and health education teacher
to which the teacher replied, she said "Mexicans do not go to
collegio" adding with a smile "but I have not regret, they are things that
happened and we have to overcome."

With the mission to preserve the history of Latinos in Pasadena, PCC
President's Hispanic Advisory Committee and the Pasadena Latino Forum
launched the project of erecting a monument in honor to school
Chihuahuita with the idea of showing the new generations its historical
legacy and remember
the importance of the struggle for a better education.

On July 2,
community leaders and Pasadena residents unveiled a monument consisting of two pieces,
one side in english and the other in spanish, on a rock embedded from the Hahamongna
Watershed Park, small stones at its base with the names of the
persons who made possible the erection of this monument

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